Retro Gaming 80’s -Tetris: (1984)


There have been many games over the past few decades were designed to challenge individuals mentally. One of the games that many people are familiar with includes the Russian puzzle game known as Tetris.  Since its release in 1986 Tetris has not only received numerous remakes over many years but has been seen by many critics as a iconic puzzle game.  Some people would argue that Tetris is an educational game that is good for cognitive functioning that constantly challenges the players to make decisions based mostly on memory.  There are also others who feel that the game is too repetitive and simplistic but would argue on how fun it is.


Tertis has become so popular in many countries including America to a point where the game has been released on numerous consoles from the Nintendo Entertainment System to mobile devices which can be downloaded from various app stores.  While Tetris many look like a boring title to many people of today’s generation in the past many retro gamers use to kill a lot of time playing it on their Gameboys when they were bored or on a road trip.  One thing that was noticeable about Tetris includes each level becoming more difficult as one progresses throughout the game.  Increased difficultly in video games is nothing new especially when one progresses throughout the game but in Tetris everything seems to become more inconvenient as one tries to clear the puzzle by eliminating every row until there is nothing left.


Difficultly in various Tetris games usually surface when the speed of the game increases or one is not able to get the desired blocks they want.  To many people the level of difficult usually begins around level 5 but this generally depends on the player and how much of an expert they are on the game itself.  Overtime this game has become so popular that publications such as Electronic Gaming Monthly and IGN had ranked it among the top ten in the “Greatest Games of All Time” category.  Overall, Tetris is often looked at as the innovator of puzzle gaming and has left a huge impact on the genre since its inception.

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