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Retro Gaming- Super Double Dragon: (1992)


Super Double Dragon was released by Technos Japan for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992.  This game was released following the NES version of Double Dragon III in 1991.  Many people think that Super Double Dragon was a very decent title for the SNES even though it may not be as popular as some of the prequels.  Super Double Dragon had included new features to make the gameplay more adventurous in comparison to the previous games.  While fighting players can control either Billy or Jimmy Lee to battle throughout different levels against the Shadow Warrior gang.  Players can grab their opponents can perform combos in order to deal a significant amount of damage.  The graphics of Super Double Dragon was not only fantastic but some may argue that it was miles ahead of some of the previous arcade games in the series.


Super Double Dragon had presented players with a more challenging set of opponents than some of the other games since they were very skilled at blocking among other fighting tactics.  This game also had some unique soundtracks including the theme songs for Stages 1 & 3.  The fourth stage of this game is very exciting since players are forced to battle with numerous enemies on top of  truck before transitioning into the next part of the stage.  Some people would look at Super Double Dragon as a generic beat em up game while others would argue that in terms of gameplay would be considered one of the best in the series.  In terms of musical composition Kazunaka Yamane did a great job creating soundtracks that blended well with each level; both Atsuyushi Nishizawa and Muneki Ebinuma did an excellent job designing this underrated classic.  This leaves some people who are fans of the Double Dragon series to wonder whether or not this game will ever receive a remake.

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