Retro Gaming 90’s- Final Fight 2: (1993)


Final Fight 2 is the second installment of the its series after the original game was released by Capcom in 1989.   This game is very similar to the original Final Fight game in terms of  both gameplay and graphics.  Some of the main differences between Final Fight 2 and the original includes the addition of two new characters and changes in regards to the setting.  Final Fight 2 introduces two new characters named Maki & Carlos both with unique fighting styles.  This game also provides more adventure than the original Final Fight because rather than battling the Mad Gear gang throughout a city the main characters get to travel to different countries such as: England, France, Hong Kong and Japan.  The plot for Final Fight 2 shows that  Guy’s  fiancée gets kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang in Japan leaving  Mike Haggar, Maki, and Carlos to travel across the world to rescue her.


Some people would argue that this game is a generic two button beat em up game that only requires mastery, patience, and strategy.  However, this game is not as easy as many people think it is.  Some of the boss battles in this game are tough especially the stage where you must have to fight Rolento.  By the time you reach Rolento’s stage most players are short on lives needed to progress throughout the game since players are stuck with a limited amount of lives.   The challenges may be something people complain about but it makes everything more exciting in the end.


While this game was not as popular as the original Final Fight title the second installment was still a fun game for many players;  many people would argue that Final Fight 2 might have been better if it included Guy since the story revolved around his fiancée.  Overall, Final Fight 2 is just as good as any other beat em up game in the early 90s if you are really a fan of the series itself.

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