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Retro Gaming- Top Gear 2: (1993)

Top Gear 2 was another racing titles that was developed by Gremlin Entertainment and was originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in late 1993.  Unlike it prequel Top Gear the second title was published for multiple game systems including the Sega Genesis and Amiga in 1994.  Many people who have played the original Top Gear for the SNES would probably agree that the second title is every bit as enjoyable as the first. The gameplay for Top Gear 2 has improved along with the music composition for each track which makes the game more exciting.  Some of the music including: Auckland, Ayers Rock, and Canterbury Plains for Australasia utilizes different genres that flow smoothly with each stage.  While some soundtracks have nice outrun feel others provide an 80s type vibe that contributes to  excitement & suspense of the game.

Some people would probably prefer the music from Top Gear 2 over the original or vice versa.   Along with the mechanical improvements Top Gear 2 was able to add new features to make the game more realistic.  In Top Gear 2 players can earn money during races and use it to upgrade their cars for better quality during races.  Also, players are allowed to upgrade their nitro boosts in order to make their cars accelerate much faster.   The inclusion of weather was another feature that not only made Top Gear 2 more realistic but also challenging.  Weather plays a significant role in this game as players compete many countries around the world such as Australasia, Egypt, and South America.  Many people who have played this game would argue that Top Gear 2 was among one of the most exciting racing games they have ever played.  Some people who were fans of the game probably had hoped for a remake or re-release of some of the old Top Gear titles; but sadly Gremlin Interactive had become defunct in 1999.  While the first two Top Gear games will never receive a remake in the future it would safe to say that both titles were enjoyable;  these two racing games may not have been considered among the best of all time but they still hold a special place in the memories of people who have played them.


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