Sony reveals new “Q” Gamepad

The PlayStation Showcase of 2023 is something that the gaming world is talking about right now especially considering the big announcements that came from the program. One of the biggest announcements that came out of the PlayStation Showcase 2023 was the reveal of the Sony’s new “Q” handheld accessory which highly resembles that of the Wii-U gamepad. Based on what we know Sonys new “Q” gamepad features an 8-inch LCD screen and will run video game at 1080p and 60fps. The “Q” handheld gamepad will also allow people to play PS5 games remotely through the “Q” gamepad and will also feature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense just like the regular PlayStation 5 controllers. As it currently stands we have no idea what the price of Sony’s “Q” handheld accessory is going to be; but it has been confirmed that its supposed to be released sometime before the end of 2023. While some people might go on record and blast Sony for stealing from Nintendo’s idea for the Wii-U; it should be noted that the Wii-U ended up being a commercial failure back in the 2010’s going up against Sony’s PS4 console. But since Sony’s new “Q” accessory is pretty much a modern day optimal version of the Wii-U featuring PS5 games there is a good chance that it could possibly end up being more successful. The PlayStation 5 about ten times more popular than the Wii-U was during the mid 2010’s and even if the “Q” accessory is unoriginal its something that the masses did not expect from Sony.

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