Polycade- The next big gaming attraction?

It seems like the 2020’s decade is going to be filled with many surprises as it relates to the gaming industry in general. During the 2010’s Polycade retro-arcade console was announced and since then many have wondered how popular it would become within the gaming community. Since its inception had been revealed back in 2022 that Polycade had partnered with Atari which was something that caught the attention of many people. Seeing that Polycade was created by Tyler Bushnell its not surprising that the arcade based game system has decided to collaborate with Atari which was co-founded by his father Nolan Bushnell back in the early 1970’s. Polycade is supposed to be an arcade based console that people can hang on walls with the games having fresh artwork of old Atari games like the world famous Astroids title from 1979. While seeing remakes of old Atari games seems interesting the problem is the gaming industry has evolved dramatically since the days of Atari from the 1970’s. The average video game consumer is more obsessed with modern day graphics, gameplay and storytelling offered on consoles produced by the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Polycade is a game system that looks innovative and would have probably have been a bigger deal back in the 2000’s or early 2010’s. If Polycade was a console that served third-party streaming service for contemporary video games it could have been a bigger deal; but then again Google had to pull the plug on Stadia not too long ago because of the big money acquisitions that Microsoft and Sony were making in relation to third-party developers. Polycade looks like something that could appeal to a niche audience of gamers but the price of console itself seems ridiculous. The average price of the Polycade is around $3,999 which is more than three times of what you would pay for a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

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