Resident Evil 4: Remake- Capcom’s most popular game of 2023?

The Resident Evil 4: Remake was released back in March 2023 and since its release it has managed to be one of the hottest video games that Capcom has released thus far. Since its initial release Resident Evil 4: Remake has managed to break 4 million copies in sales within a month. The remake fo the survival-horror classic has been one that people have been waiting to see for over a decade; considering the fact that Resident Evil 4 was arguably one of the best titles within its genre back in the 2000’s decade. The story involving Leon S. Kennedy along with the foreign cult Los Lluminados was one of the best that we have seen within the entire Resident Evil series. While Resident Evil 4 was not quite as popular as the original RE2 game from 1998 the GameCube version of RE4 sold more than 10 million copies within a few years. In the eyes of many Resident Evil 4 was probably the last iconic entry within the series mainly because RE5-RE7 came during the 2010’s decade which a time period where the survival-horror genre began to decline on popularity. Despite, the survival-horror genre being overshadowed by action-adventure, RPG’s and shooter games during the 2010’s RE5-RE7 all ended being massively successful on a commercial level. Resident Evil 5 managed to reach over 13 million copies sales while Resident Evil 6 managed to break over 11 million. The latest main entry within the series Resident Evil Village from 2022 managed to reach approximately 7.4 million in sales. The Resident Evil series still clearly a huge attraction and we are likely going to see a remake of RE5 from Capcom sometime within the next few years.

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