Should Electronic Arts revive the SSX series?

Everyone remembers how popular the SSX series was back during the 2000’s decade. When it came down to snowboarding in relation to the sports genre SSX was definitely a bigger deal than the Cool Boarders series. The visual presentation and overall quality of the SSX games during the PS2 era exceeded many people expectations and it was easy for beginners to learn if they were not hardcore fans of snowboarding. The latest installment within the SSX series that we got to see was the reboot that was released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 back in 2012. Since 2012, Electronic Arts have seemingly abandoned the series altogether because in this day and age casual gamers are more interested in other genres such as action-adventure, RPG and shooters. Unless, Electronic Arts believed that the SSX series would bring in a ton of revenue it would make sense for them not to do anything with it. While the SSX reboot from 2012 was considered to be a commercial success one of the main issues that players had with the game was its lack of options in relation to multiplayer gameplay. When it comes down to major attractions the Need For Speed series appealed to casuals during the 2000’s more than SSX which is one of the reasons why EA has continued the series throughout the past decade. As it currently stands another SSX game seems very unlikely at the moment and even if Electronic Arts does release another snowboarding game it will only appeal to a niche audience of gamers because of nostalgia.

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