Retro Gaming 00’s- Little Big Planet: (2008)

Its almost impossible to have a conversation about top tier PS3 video games from the late 2000’s without mentioning the original Little Big Planet game from the late 00’s. Little Big Planet was developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2008. Since its release Little Big Planet has been widely regarded as one of the greatest family-friendly based video games of all-time. Little Big Planet had around fifty levels that players could travel to as they control the main character Sackboy who was brown rag doll. Sackboy was basic character that could do basic things like run, jump and also had the ability to use jetpacks to fly as well. In the story mode players got travel through various different areas including The Metropolis, Islands, Savannah, Temples, Canyons and the Wilderness. Not only was the story for Little Big Planet solid but the level creator aspect of the game was one of its highlights. In this day and age you rarely get a 2D platform-sandbox with 3D graphics and the same thing was the case back in the 2000’s.

Despite, being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Little Big Planet looked like a that could have shined on Wii console back in the late 00’s especially since it was rated “E”. The PlayStation 3 was a console that was created to appeal more towards teenagers and young adults; the fact that Little Big planet was considered to be one of the greatest video games of all-time is a testament to how iconic the game itself is. Little Big Planet ended up having more commercial success than anyone would have expected and eventually ended up reaching at least four million copies in sales. Along with the level of creativity that went into designing Little Big Planet many people found it appealing because it was a family-friendly game with a somewhat dark and eerie atmosphere that was moderately challenging in terms of difficulty. Its a bit shocking that Sony has never remastered the original Little Big Planet game which has been around for about fifteen years now. There have been three main installments within the series since 2008 and people believe that the original game was the best due to its popularity following its initial release.

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