Sega of America employees unhappy with working conditions?

It was reported a few days ago that the Sega of America workers have recently decided to unionize in Irvine, California because of “poor working” conditions. The employees of Sega of America had recently formed a union called Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega otherwise known as AEGIS. The Sega of America office in Irvine, CA has over 200 employees with over 140 different roles. Apparently, better working conditions and stronger job security are the top agendas of AEGIS which is something that many people in America could understand. When it comes down to video game corporations it seems like the past few years have been crazy in relation to big gaming businesses and their workers. This past year in 2022 the workers of Activision Blizzard went on strike and tried to unionize after mass layoffs within management had took place. It was also noted that harassment was a huge part of the toxic workplace culture of Activision Blizzard as well. One of the perks that Sega of America employees are aiming for involves higher base pay along with stronger job benefits and reasonable work schedules. The news regarding Sega of America employees trying to unionize comes as a surprise to many people especially considering how popular Sonic the Hedgehog was this past year in 2022. The Sonic Frontiers game was probably the best title that Sega had released in 2022 and the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie was considered to be one of the best video game films of the past decade. The news broke a few days ago that a petition had been filed with the National Labor Relations Board by Sega of America employees who want representation within their workplace; which could be a good sign towards improving the working conditions and culture at Sega of America overall.

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