Sonic Riders- Most underrated spin-off Sonic game?

Everyone knows that the 2000’s was not the best decade for the Sonic series in general. It seems like the Sonic series has peaked in popularity between ’03-’04 with the release of Sonic Adventure 2 during 2001; along with the debut of the Sonic X television series back in 2003. While Sonic Heroes from 2003 was pretty solid game for consoles like the PlayStation 2 many people would argue that Sonic Riders from 2006 was more fun in general. Sonic Riders was pretty unique because it felt like a cross between Mario Kart and Rocket Power with the Grand Prix races and along with characters being able to perform SSX tricks on their hover boards. The futuristic theme, fast-paced gameplay and upbeat techno/dance music in various stages made Sonic Riders an addictive racing game experience. Sonic Riders also saw the introduction of new characters like Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross known as the Babylon Rouges. Sonic Riders was probably one of the greatest non-canon Sonic video games of all-time and its crazy to think that Sega did not make a film or anime series based on its storyline. Sonic Riders was a game that could arguably rival the likes of F-Zero GX in terms of quality especially considering how great the voice acting for the game was. Despite, the Zero Gravity sequel from ’08 falling below the desired expectations of many people the original Sonic Riders game is considered to be legendary in day and age.

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