Final Fantasy IX Remake confirmed for 2025

There are many people who are counting down the days until Square Enix finally release of Final Fantasy XVI for the PlayStation 5 which set to appear in retailers within America, UK and Japan in June 2023. Even though, everyone is talking about Final Fantasy XVI right now we have recently received news the other day that Square Enix plans on remaking on of their classic RPG titles known as Final Fantasy IX from 2000. For whatever reason Final Fantasy IX does not get as much love as other entries within the series such FFVII, FFX, FFXII, FFXV and a few others. Its been over 20 years since Final Fantasy IX was released and for whatever reason Square Enix had never attempted to give it the HD treatment up until now. It was recently reported that digital versions of Final Fantasy IX was removed from the Amazon App mainly due to technical issues regarding the game’s cloud saves. Even though, the original version Final Fantasy IX is available on game systems such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC those will most likely pale in comparison to the remake that we are going to get for the PlayStation 5 in terms quality.

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