Phantasy Star Online 3- Will it ever happen?

The Phantasy Star star series has been around since the 80’s and its considered to be one of the most legendary JRPG’s of all-time. During the first half of the 90’s the Phantasy Star series was popular on the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis console but struggled to rival the appeal of RPG titles produced by Square Enix for Super Nintendo. But when it came down Phantasy Star Online 2 it ended up becoming one Sega’s most high profile video game releases of the early 10’s. Phantasy Star Online 2 was a MMORPG that was originally released back in 2012 on PC as a Japanese exclusive before being ported to America on various game systems. Between 2020-2022 Phantasy Star Online 2 was released for the PS4, Xbox One PC worldwide and has been seen as one of Sega’s most popular video games within the past decade outside of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Sega has reportedly made at least $900 million from Phantasy Star Online since its release back in 2012 and has recently released a new version of the game entitled “New Genesis” back in 2021. Seeing that Phantasy Star Online 2 still has millions of players around the world today some wonder whether or not Sega ever plans on releasing a sequel for the game. At this point it seems like Phantasy Star V is never going to happen especially since Phantasy Star 4 was released back in ’93 and Sega has done nothing to follow the story of that game in relation to creating a sequel or prequel for it. The original canon Phantasy Star series from the 16-bit era never had the appeal of the older Final Fantasy games from the early 90’s. Also, the turn-based RPG gameplay that the older Phantasy Star titles on the Sega Genesis is considered to be outdated. A brand new Phantasy Star action role-playing game from Sega would be interesting and if the corporation ever had any plans on creating a Phantasy Star Online 3 it most likely would have happened now. Also, the Phantasy Star series seems to be a bigger attraction in Japan opposed to America which is probably one of the reasons why it took nearly a decade for PSO2 to appear in the USA on multiple game systems.

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