Retro Gaming 10’s- South Park: Stick of Truth (2014)

Its hard to believe that the South Park series has been around for over two decades now. Its not too surprising that the South Park franchise has produced around 26 seasons since its inception back in 1997. While the South Park television series was a huge hit back in the late 90’s and the first half of the 2000’s decade its popularity seemingly started to decline around the start of the 2010’s decade. Despite, not being quite as popular as it once was South Park had become a household name by the 2010’s decade and we still ended up getting video game releases. In 2014, Ubisoft had released South Park: Stick of Truth which which appeared on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The visuals for South Park: Stick of Truth looked exactly like the actual show and the voice acting along with the dialogue were strong positives in this game. The story for the game revolved the player trying to earn the trust of the main characters Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman while discovering the Stick of Truth. South Park: Stick of Truth was fun because in addition to the funny adult themed jokes and humor; the main characters end up crossing paths with the likes of Nazi zombies, aliens and gnomes. As the “New Kid” players have the option to choose their class with the choices consisting of Thief, Mage, Jew and Fighter. Throughout, the game players could check on the status of other characters and view their information on things like how much they are worth, where they live, their relationship status and what level they are on. Players could also view their abilities, inventory and quests they had available as they were playing throughout the game.

Even though, South Park: Stick of Truth was arguably the most faithful game in relation to the television series the game was considered to be somewhat controversial for its nudity, blood and gore. While South Park: Stick of Truth was “M” rated some people took offense to things such as Nazi symbolism along with Jew being considered a class opposed to race. Despite, its controversies South Park: Stick of Truth are probably one of the most notable video games to have emerged from 2014. Generally, you do not see too many “M” rated turn-based RPG video games especially since greater preference is given to action-role playing games in this day and age. Ironically, Ubisoft had managed to produce one of the greatest South Park games ever during a time period where its popularity had declined in comparison to where it was during the late 90’s early 2000’s. If South Park: Stick of Truth came out back in the 2000’s during the PS2 era back when the series was still hot it could have been easily overshadowed and would have had more inferior graphics. South Park: Stick of Truth was the video game that almost every hardcore fan of the series have waited over a decade to see and the game had managed to reach around 1.6 million copies in sales. South Park: Stick of Truth was probably one of Ubisoft’s biggest games from 2014 behind Far Cry 4 which reached over seven million copies in sales in the fourth quarter of that year.

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