Front Mission 2: Remake- Will it be an attraction for Nintendo Switch?

It seems like 2023 has been a big year in relation to high profile video game releases and it looks we have another one that is set to take later this year as well. It has recently been revealed that RPG classic Front Mission 2 from ’97 will be receiving a remake and will be appearing on the Nintendo Switch later this year in June 2023. The visuals, gameplay and soundtrack in the Front Mission 2: Remake look ten times better than the original version of the game that appeared on the original PlayStation console back in the late 90’s. The Front Mission series has been seemingly irrelevant in western countries like America within the past 20 years or so. The Front Mission 2: Remake a game that will most likely appeal to a niche audience of gamers who are into tactical RPG’s and will most likely shine more on the Switch console than it would on the PS5 or Xbox Series X. While its nice to know that Square Enix has remastered a classic from the PS1 era of gaming; its shocking to know that Front Mission 2 is getting a remake before Final Fantasy Tactics. However, rumors have been swirling around the web back in February 2023 that a possible remake of Final Fantasy Tactics may coming out sometime in the future. Front Mission 2 was a futuristic tactical RPG set in the year 2102 that felt like a cross between Final Fantasy Tactics in relation to gameplay and Gundam and was very unique during that particular era of gaming. Due to the popularity of games like Final Fantasy VII from 1997 Front Mission 2 definitely got overshadowed on the PS1 but was still considered to be a masterpiece by critics.

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