Street Fighter 6 – Zangief, Lily, and Cammy Gameplay Trailer

It seems like Capcom is full of surprises as it relates to the upcoming Street Fighter 6 game which is scheduled to be released later this year. Capcom has recently released a gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6 which confirmed three new characters who are going to be apart of the Street Fighter 6 roster. Both Cammy and Zangief who have been apart of the Street Fighter series since 1994 will be playable characters in SF6 later this year. It was also confirmed that a brand new character named Lily will be making her debut in Street Fighter 6 as well. While much as not changed about Zangief in relation to his looks or move set many people instantly noticed Cammy’s new attire; along with her move set. When it comes down to her Super Arts Capcom had decided to give Cammy a deadly finishing move that she had used in the Street Fighter II: Animated Movie back in ’94. It should also be noted that Lily is basically a female version of T-Hawk considering the fact that most of her abilities/powers involving communicating with the spirts of nature. As it currently stands Street Fighter 6 has a roster of eighteen characters right now and everyone is expecting more names to be revealed for its official release later this year.

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