More 2D Sonic the Hedgehog games coming soon?

It seems like the blue hedgehog has been getting a ton of mainstream attention within the past year or so. The success of the Sonic the Hedgeghog 2 movie and the release of Sonic Frontiers ended up being to of the biggest things to have happened back in 2022. Despite, Sonic Frontiers not being quite as popular Sonic Mania from 2017 the game created quite a buzz for almost a year before its release. Sonic Frontiers was one of the best 3D Sonic entries that we have seen since Sonic Colors from 2010. While the latest 3D Sonic game is something that has received a mostly positive reception from critics and various gaming publications; there is a chunk of the hardcore Sonic fanbase that prefer 2D entries opposed to 3D. Recently, the director of Sonic Frontiers Morio Kishimoto had seeming confirmed that more 2D Sonic games are likely to be released in the future following a recent Twitter interaction with a fan. As it currently stands Sega has yet to confirm anything in relation to brand new 2D Sonic games; but hopefully we will hear something from Sega before the end of 2023.

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