Yu Yu Hakusho- Did the series ever have any good games?

The Yu Yu Hakusho anime series started back in ’92 after the manga came out in 1990. For a short period of time the Yu Yu Hakusho series was actually popular in western countries like America during the 90’s and early 00’s. However, there was no question whatsoever that the Dragon Ball Z series had eclipsed Yu Yu Hakusho in popularity during most of the 90’s and early 00’s especially as it related to television. During the 90’s Dragon Ball Z games were not too popular due to how older game systems had limitations. However there were there were several Yu Yu Hakusho games from ’94 -’05 the causal gamers around the world have never even heard of. Yu Yu Hakusho: Forever from ’05 was arguably one of the best entries within the series to have appeared PS2 aside form Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament from 2004. The SNES Yu Yu Hakusho games from ’94 were mainly Japanese exclusives because the series did not appeal to the mainstream audience in America during the mid 90’s. In terms of quality the best Yu Yu Hakusho games were probably average at best because the 3D titles from the 00’s looked inferior in comparison to standard fighting games from that decade.


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