Earthworm Jim 4 cancelled?

Everyone remembers how popular Earthworm Jim was back in the 90’s on the Sega Genesis console. Earthworm Jim was one of the few non Sonic The Hedgehog games that stood out on the Sega Genesis console with the first two installments arguably being the best in the entire series. The latest entry that we saw in the Earthworm series came out back in ’99 for the Nintendo 64. The Earthworm Jim 3D game from ’99 was a game that ultimately ended up disappointing the masses following its release and it seems like the series has been for over the past two decades. Apparently, there was an Earthworm Jim 4 game that was supposed be released sometime in the 2020’s but the news has broke across several gaming website that the production of this upcoming title has been cancelled. One of main reasons why Earthworm Jim 4 has recently been cancelled is because the game was supposed to be released for a brand new console called the Intellvision Amico. For the most part the general public have been unaware of the Intellvision Amico and it never got an official release date or even materialized for that matter. Its also been said that the developers for Earthworm Jim 4 was unable to gain full access to the license for the series itself making the another installment almost impossible to happen. The Earthworm Jim series was never a major money maker back in the 90’s and the appeal for Earthworm Jim 4 was probably based mainly off of nostalgia more than anything else.

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