Should Pokemon X & Y be remade for the Nintendo Switch?

The Pokemon series has been very popular with children for about 25 years now with the best time periods arguably being between the late 90’s- early 10’s. There are so many people who loved various generations of Pokemon but everyone has their own respective opinion on which one was greatest. Pokemon X & Y from the sixth generation was considered to be one of the most popular video games for the Nintendo 3DS and managed to reach over 16 million copies in sales since its release back in 2013. While the Pokemon series is still popular 25 years later this current generation of Pokemon is not quite as popular so some of the older ones. Some would argue that Pokemon started do go downhill after the Black & White era of the early 10’s while others feel that the video game series started to become less interesting after Pokemon X & Y from 2013. However, Pokemon X & Y is a game that hardcore fans want to see a remake for as it relates to the Nintendo Switch. The problem is it does not seem like Nintendo the Pokemon Company are not too high on remaking classic installments from previous generations. While we did get a remake of games like Pokemon Silver and Gold for the Nintendo DS we still have yet to see titles like Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White remade for current generation game systems. A remake of Pokemon X & Y for the Nintendo would definitely be something especially considering the fact that 2023 marks the ten year anniversary of the game itself.

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