Max Payne 2- Will it get a Remake by 2024?

Its hard to believe that its been 20 years since Max Payne 2 was released for the PlayStation 2. Since the early 2000’s Max Payne 2 has been seen as one of the coolest games to have been licensed by RockStar Games outside of the Grand Theft Auto series. The latest installment within the Max Payne series came out back in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Max Payne 3 was considered to be a great game back in the early 10’s but unfortunately it performed poorly in relation to sales. Since then the world has been waiting for a Max Payne 4 game but it seems like its never going to happen. A remake for Max Payne 2 on current generation game systems however is something that is very likely to happen; as rumors have been circulating on the internet about it currently being in development. As it currently stands we have no idea when the Max Payne 2 remake is going to be released but its expected to happen before 2025. It should also noted that the original developers of Max Payne 2 Remedy Entertainment are supposed to be working in the remake that is going to appear on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC in future.

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