Tekken: Bloodline (Review)

Tekken: Bloodlines was one of the most highly anticipated animated series of last year prior to appearing on Netflix back in December 2022. Tekken: Bloodlines was an animated series that revolved around the events of Tekken 3 with the central focus being on the main character Jin Kazama. So far there has only there has only been one season for Tekken: Bloodline with six episodes and the whole thing was better than any of the previous Tekken movies. The production for Tekken: Bloodline was fantastic especially as it related to the art style and fighting scenes. The story of Jin Kazama was a tragic one to say the least as we witnessed the death of his mother Jun Kazama at the hands of Ogre. Throughout, the animated series Jin Kazama has to discover the truth about himself along with what really lead to his mother’s demise along with the death of his father Kazuya Mishima. Jin Kazama was sent to find his grandfather Heihachi Mishima by his mother before her death to find answers about why Ogre attacked them.

After finding Heihachi Mishima Jin Kazama spends a few years training with his grandfather in order to help him master the Mishima fighting style; while abandoning the Kazama fighting style that was taught to him by his mother. Tekken: Bloodlines has the game include a handful of important characters from the Tekken series including Ling Xiaoyu, Nina Williams, Hwoarang, King and Julia Chang. After training with Heihachi Mishima Jin Kazama learns about the Devil Gene that he inherited from his father which gave hime dark supernatural fighting power and amplified his strength during battle. Jin Kazama then entered the Third Iron Fist Tournament hosted by his grandfather were he not only wins the tournament but defeats Heihachi Mishima and Ogre as well. Jin Kazama eventually discovers that Heihachi was the one responsible for Orge’s appearance on Earth with the use of an ancient artifact.

Its also discovered that Heihachi was using Jin Kazama in order to trigger the Devil Gene which would draw Ogre out in the open during the Third Iron Fist Tournament since the creature was attracted to the strongest fighters in the world. After killing Orge in his true form Hehachi pulls out a gun and shoots Jin Kazama twice which eventually lead to him turning into Devil Jin. In his demon form Jin Kazama ended beating Heihachi within an inch of his life before flying away which marked the end of the first season of Tekken: Bloodline. The Tekken: Bloodline animated series delivered in more ways than one because Bandi Namco Entertainment did a great job in telling Jin Kazama’s tragic backstory as he evolved into the warrior he became in Tekken 3. Throughout the Tekken: Bloodline series the creators were able to build empathy for Jin Kazama as he tried to get revenge for the death of his mother. Jin Kazama also tried to honor his mother’s wishes to control is anger so the Devil Gene would not consume him which prevented Jin from becoming exactly like his father Kazuya Mishima. Jin Kazama is quite possibly one of the most popular anti-heroes in gaming history and the Tekken: Bloodline did a great job retelling the story of the arcade classic known as Tekken 3.

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