TNA Impact!- Worst Wrestling game of the 2000’s?

There were many awesome pro wrestling games that came out back in the 2000’s especially as it related to WWF No Mercy, Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain and the rest of Smackdown vs Raw series that appeared on PlayStation 2 and PS3. There were many people who were also huge fans of the WWE Day of Reckoning series from ’04-’05 which appeared on the Nintendo GameCube. However, not all pro wrestling games from the 00’s were great and many could argue with that being the case with titles such as Legends of Wrestling I & II which fell below the expectations of many people; considering all of the star power both games had. Despite, how bad Legends of Wrestling I & II were some would go on record and argue that the TNA Impact game from 2008 was quite possibly the worst pro wrestling title to have emerged from the 00’s decade overall. TNA Impact was published by Midway games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during a time period where Total Nonstop Action was arguably at its peak in relation to popularity. While the presentation of the TNA Impact! game looked impressive the game fell below almost everybody’s expectations. TNA Impact! had an uninteresting storyline and felt repetitive gameplay wise. Despite, having a roster of over 25 characters including Sting, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle there were no playable Knockouts in the game. At best TNA Impact! was probably a mediocre game and definitely abysmal in comparison to any pro wrestling game produced by THQ back in the 2000’s. While TNA Impact may not be the worst pro wrestling video game of all-time its definitely one that could be considered an honorable mention due to how underwhelming and uninspiring the game as a whole was.

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