Driver: San Francisco- Does it deserve a 4K Remake?

When it comes down to underrated racing titles of the 2010’s decade one of few games that comes to mind aside from Split/Second is Driver: San Francisco from 2011. Driver: San Francisco was produced by Ubisoft and was the fifth installment within its own series. Driver: San Francisco was unlike traditional racing titles as it related to the storyline. Driver: San Francisco was both a action-adventure and a racing game with an intriguing plot that takes place in the mind of coma-induced undercover cop named John Tanner. Most of the events in Driver: San Francisco takes place in Tanner’s dreams after he got struck in a car accident; where he attempts to track down the main villain Charles Jericho who is a crime lord. The plot for Driver: San Francisco was almost as intriguing as some of the best Need For Speed titles that came out within the past decade. Driver: San Francisco had nice graphics for an arcade racing title and its one of Ubisoft’s most underrated video games. While Ubisoft really has no plans on making a sequel for Driver: San Francisco the game at least deserves a high definition 4K remake. Despite, the lack of commercial success Driver: San Francisco had over a decade ago its something that would still probably appeal to casual gamers even the racing genre is not quite as popular as was during the 00’s and the early 10’s.

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