Need for Speed: Unbound- Better than Gran Turismo 7?

The Need For Speed franchise has been around for almost 30 years now and the Unbound game from 2022 was the 25th entry within its series. In terms of visual presentation Need For Speed: Unbound was obviously not be looking entry within its series; but its arguably one of the better racing titles from 2022 along with the F1 2022 game. Need For Speed: Unbound was not plagued with micro-transactions like Gran Turismo 7 and had a interesting storyline that players could easily get into. The cel-shaded graphics and the cartoonish graphics was something that surprised many people while others may have viewed it as a step backwards. The overall features and presentation of Gran Turismo 7 is way better than Need For Speed: Unbound but the game is not nearly as popular as Sony Interactive Entertainment had hoped it would be. Gran Turismo 7 is arguably the weakest installment within its entire series and it had the potential to be the best racing game of 2022.

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