PlayStation 5 reaches 30 million in Q4 2022

There is no question whatsoever that 2022 was a crazy news year in relation to the gaming world. In a year full of underwhelming and somewhat controversial news in relation to gaming the PlayStation 5 still managed to be one of the most popular game systems of 2022. We got to see the releases of high profile releases of games such as God of War: Ragarok, Stray and Horizon Forbidden West for the PS5. Also, there had been various stories about retailers running out of PS5 consoles and having to restock their stores in 2022. Despite, how expensive the PlayStation 5 is hardcore gamers are willing to spend anywhere between $600-$800 for Sony’s current generation game system even more so than the Xbox Series X right now. The fact that the PlayStation 5 has managed to reach 30 million units in worldwide sales in two years is nothing short of amazing; especially considering the initial backlash that Sony received about the PS5 controllers malfunctioning within the first year of its release. It would not be surprising if the PlayStation 5 managed to reach around 40 million in sales before the end of Q4 2023. Even though, the average cost for the PlayStation 5 is ridiculous there are PS5 exclusive games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 along with Final Fantasy XVI that the world is still waiting to see. Even though, Sony’s most highly anticipated racing title Gran Turismo 7 was considered a commercial failure; the PlayStation 5 has still managed to attract mainstream attention throughout ’22 whether it be for good or bad reasons.

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