King of Fighters ’99- Should it have been on Dreamcast?

There is no doubt that the late 90’s was an awesome time to be a gamer especially if you were a fan of arcade fighting titles like Street Fighter, Tekken or King of Fighters series. While King of Fighters ’98 is widely regarded as the best installment within the KOF series there are many people who feel that its successor was almost every bit as good on the Neo Geo MVS back in 1999. Following its initial release on the Neo Geo MVS The King of Fighters ’99 was ported to the PS1 back in the early part of 2000. Even though, the PS1 was very popular from ’94-’01 a game like King of Fighters ’99 got overshadowed on Sony’s 32-bit game system. There were countless titles that sold millions on the PS1 including Gran Turismo, Final Fantast VII along Tomb Raider to a point where games like King of Fighters ’99 did not appeal to casuals as it did to hardcore arcade gaming fans. Some believe that if SNK brought King of Fighters ’99 to the Sega Dreamcast back in 2000 it could have stood out more and possible have been a commercial success. However, by the start of the new millennium it was clear as day that Sega was losing the console wars against both Nintendo and Sony. While 2D fighting games were seemingly becoming obsolete between the late 90’s-early 00’s there many people began to gravitate more towards 3D gameplay as it related to different genres such as RPG’s and action-adventure and survival horror titles. King of Fighters ’99 definitely could have worked on Dreamcast back in 2000 but SNK was obviously trying to bring more exposure to the KOF series which is why they went with the PS1 instead.

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