Does Twisted Metal: Black deserve a 4k-HD Remake?

Its no secret that the Twisted Metal series was one of the most popular video game franchises of the late 90’s and is considered to be legendary within the gaming world. There has been a total of nine entries within the Twisted Metal series since its ’95 inception and many people feel that the installment from 2001 was one of the most popular games in the entire series. Despite, Twisted Metal: Black not being quite as popular as the first two games from ’95-’96 the quality of the game itself looked phenomenal on the PlayStation 2 by ’01 standards. Since the early 2000’s it seems like the popularity of the Twisted Metal series had taken a huge nosedive and never recovered. It no secret that the vehicular combat genre of gaming had greatly declined within the past 20 years especially due to how popular other genres like RPG, shooter and action-adventure has become especially during the 2010’s. While many older gamers would love to see a 4K HD remake of a game like Twisted Metal; Black the demand for that to take place does not seem to be high among the online gaming community. Its also doubtful on whether or not Twisted Metal: Black still has the same level of appeal that it once had over 20 years.

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