Jet Set Radio- Does it deserve a 4K HD Remake?

When it comes down to classic games from the early 00’s there were many big titles that achieved massive commercial success on consoles like the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox system. However, there were a handful of hidden gems that emerged on systems like Dreamcast when Sega was losing the console wars against Nintendo and Sony. One of the few great games that Sega had licensed that appeared on the Dreamcast console was Jet Set Radio from 2000. Jet Set Radio was highly underrated with an nice soundtrack and graphics that looked like it was ahead of its time. Despite, not being nearly as popular other Sega titles like Sonic the Hedgehog the game still had managed to break at least one million copies in sales. Also, Jet Set Radio was eventually remastered for game systems like the PlayStatin 3 and Xbox 360 during the second part of the 2000’s. Since then nothing major has really been done with the Jet Set Radio series mainly because the game has seemingly lost some of its appeal since the early 2000’s. While Jet Set Radio Future from 2002 fell under the radar during the early 00’s it seems like we have not seen a major entry within the series since then. However, there are still some die hard fans of the original Jet Set Radio game who would love to see an 4K HD Remake for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X or even the Nintendo Switch.

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