Titanfall 2- Should it be ported to Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to high profile first person shooter games from the 2010’s one of the few games that that people remembered outside of the Call of Duty series was Titanfall 2 from 2016. Not only was Titanfall 2 more successful than its ’14 predecessor but the game was arguably one of the best first person shooters to have emerged from 2016. Titanfall 2 was a huge commercial success mainly because it had robust online multiplayer gameplay. Despite, having somewhat of a lackluster campaign mode along with the absence of cross-platform gameplay Titanfall 2 is one of the few games from the mid 10’s that people have been waiting to see a sequel for. Titanfall 2 was available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and was never ported for the Wii-U despite being a third party video game. Its no secret that the Wii-U console was a huge commercial flop which was probably one of the reasons why Electronic Arts had no intention on bringing it to Nintendo’s seventh generation console back in 2016. But it seems like Electronic Arts also had no interest bring Titanfall 2 to the Nintendo Switch from 2017 onwards either. In terms of gameplay and overall visual presentation Sony & Microsoft’s consoles are obviously more superior than what Nintendo has to offer. Also, Titanfall 2 was a “M” rated game that placed emphasis on its online multiplayer modes something that Nintendo does to a lesser extent compared to Sony and Microsoft. It should also be noted that first party video games tend to overshadow any third party titles that appear on any Nintendo console which generally appeals more to children. At this point Titanfall 2 is somewhat old since the game came out over six years ago and the interest among the online gaming community to have this first person shooter ported to the Switch console has probably died down within the past few years.

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