New indie game Earthblade set for release in 2024

There are so many high profile video games that are set for upcoming releases in 2023 making next year a promising time period in the gaming world. There are titles like Final Fantasy XVI, Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 Remake that are set to be released in ’23. However, there are hardly any upcoming titles mentioned for releases in 2024. We have recently learned that a brand new indie game known as Earthblade developed and published by Extremely OK Games, Ltd. will be released on PC in 2024. Earthblade is an action-indie platformer title that utilizes pixelated artwork where players control the main character named Nevoa who is a child of Fate. Nevoa is a female protagonist and Earthblade is more of a 2D Metroidvania type of game with a non-linear world and has the potential to one of the best indie titles of 2024. This reveal trailer of Earthblade gave us a little bit of insight on what to expect for this upcoming indie game in 2024. Hopefully, we will learn more details about Earthblade throughout 2023 along with what game systems it will appear on in 2024.

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