Should Konami revive the Rumble Roses series?

There are many people who remember the Rumble Roses pro wrestling video games series from the 00’s. The Rumble Roses series began back in ’04 and was developed by Yuke’s the same video game developer that worked on the WWE Smackdown vs Raw series during the 00’s decade. Unlike the SvR series Rumble Roses series was not published by THQ but instead was produced by Konami. The Rumble Roses series placed emphasis on creating all female rosters filled with fictional female pro wrestlers who were either babyfaces (good) or heels (bad) depending on the character. The all-female pro wrestling video game series was short lived with the last major installment coming out back in ’06 known as Rumble Roses XX. Since ’06 we have not seen a sequel to Rumble Roses XX and its probably because the game along with its predecessor both did poorly in terms of sales. While the two Rumble Roses games from ’04 and ’06 were obviously designed to cater to a niche audience the truth is a majority of Americans probably never even played the games themselves. The fact the Rumble Roses games from ’04 and ’06 performed so poorly on a commercial level is probably the reason why Konami never made a Rumble Roses 3 despite that fans of the series would like to see another installment sometime in the future. With the popularity of games like SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy from 2018 its possible that a potential Rumble Roses 3 game would be somewhat of an attraction for game systems like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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