Starfield- Is $70 a reasonable price for this game?

There are so many upcoming video games that the world is looking forward to seeing as it relates to next year with one of them being Bethesda’s Starfield game. Starfield is set to be released for the Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC on a date that has yet to be revealed during Q1/Q2 of 2023. The game utilizes the Creation Engine 3 and the setting of the game takes place during the early part of the 24th century in 2310. Starfield will provide players with the opportunity to play the game in first or third-person and gameplay feels like a cross between Halo and Fallout. While the gameplay trailer for Starfield looks impressive some believe that a $70 price tag a bit excessive especially considering how expensive everything is right now. The average price of an Xbox Series X is around $499 and Starfield is a brand new space exploration RPG/shooter type game that is going up a variety of high profile titles coming out in 2023. There are games like Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy XVI and Resident Evil 4 remake that might cost less than $70 and they are all bigger and more popular than Starfield. While Starfield looks great and has the potential to be one of the best RPG’s of ’23 its going up against seemingly fierce competition. Also, Bethesda being owned by Microsoft is actually something that could end up hindering the overall success of Starfield since it will have less exposure by not being on the PlayStation 5. But then again many people in this era of gaming are avid PC users nowadays so its possible that Starfield could end up performing well in terms of sales and overall commercial success.

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