Minecraft- Greatest sandbox game of all-time?

When it comes down to high profile video games to have emerged from the 2010’s decade there were a handful of blockbuster titles that we got to see released including Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2 and many more which broke records in terms of revenue and commercial success. However, there were games like Minecraft that ended up becoming extremely success and exceeded so many people’s expectations in how popular it became. The original Minecraft game from 2011 is arguably the one that put the sandbox genre one the map and has managed to reach at least 238 million in sales within a decade. It was also reported that the Minecraft had reportedly had an average of 140 million active monthly users back in ’21 which shows that the game is still a big attraction over a decade later. The variety of game modes included in Minecraft including Creative, Hardcore, Adventure Mode along with the of multiplayer gameplay made this sandbox very addictive for many people since they all require a ton of creativity along with elements of strategy in order to get better within the game itself. While some might argue that Minecraft is the greatest sandbox game of all-time others believe that its one of the greatest games to have emerge from the 10’s decade outside of the RPG, shooter, and action-adventure genre.

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