Can Final Fantasy XVI surpass FFXV in sales?

One of the most highly anticipated video games of 2023 that everyone is currently talking about right now is Final Fantasy XVI which is set to appear exclusively on the PlayStation 5. Final Fantasy XVI has been confirmed to be an action-role playing game similar to its 2016 predecessor Final Fantasy XV which ended up being one of the most popular JRPG’s of the 2010’s decade. Within the past six years or so Final Fantasy XV has managed to reach over 10 million units in sales and managed to be a huge attraction for the PlayStation and Xbox One consoles along with Microsoft Windows. However, one of the main reasons why Final Fantasy XV was so popular to begin within was because the game was released across multiple game systems opposed to remaining exclusively on one game system. As it currently stands Final Fantasy XVI is set to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 which is something that could potential hurt the overall sales of the game itself. While the PlayStation 5 is extremely popular and selling out in retailers worldwide on a monthly basis the console itself is very expensive. Also, the story for Final Fantasy XVI moves away from a more modern theme to a medieval one where the story focuses on warring factions in the midst of a pandemic. The plot for Final Fantasy XVI is interesting but not among the best storylines that we have seen within the legendary JRPG series either. Its not like Square Enix has been bought out by Sony or Microsoft and has to remain exclusively one on console or the other. But then again the Final Fantasy series has always shined more on Sony consoles from the late 90’s onwards over the past two decades or so. If Final Fantasy XVI provides players with a unique gameplay experience that exceeds their expectations along with those of critics; it could potentially rival or even surpass Final Fantasy XVI in relation to commercial success.

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