Should Kingdom Hearts IV be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Back in April 2022 the world got to see the official reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV which is going to be one of Square Enix’s most anticipated video games of the 20’s decade. Based on what was presented in the trailer Sora is going to be returning as the main protagonist for Kingdom Hearts IV but there is so many unanswered questions that people have about the game itself. We are still in the dark about what the plot for Kingdom Hearts IV is going to be but we do know that it will be the first entry in the The Lost Master Arc. The end of Kingdom Hearts III was the conclusion of the Lost Master Arc which started around the early 00/s and people are finally looking for sometime brand new within the series. While many people are almost certain that Kingdom Hearts IV will appear on the PlayStation 5 and PC some wonder whether or not Square Enix should port the game for Nintendo Switch. Even though, the Kingdom Hearts series has mainly been on PlayStation based consoles since the early 00’s; Square Enix has recently released Kingdom Hearts : Melody of Memory for the Switch console back in October 2020. Its always possible that later down the line we can eventually get a port of Kingdom Hearts III on the Nintendo Switch before the official release of Kingdom Hearts IV. But as it currently stands there is no set timetable for the official release for Kingdom Hearts IV and it looks like the game itself may not hit retail for another two to three years.

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