Will Red Dead Redemption III appear by 2025-2026?

Almost everyone knows that the Red Dead Redemption II game from ’18 was one of the most high profile action-adventure games of the late 10’s. Since its release a few years ago Red Dead Redemption II managed to reach 45 million copies in worldwide sales. Red Dead Redemption II was without a doubt one of the most successful titles that RockStar Games has released outside of the Grand Theft Auto series. In fact, some would go as far to argue that Red Dead Redemption II rivaled the likes of Grand Theft Auto V in relation to popularity during the late 10’s. Red Dead Redemption II had everything you could ask for including a great storyline, optimal visuals along with an online multiplayer game mode that many people probably still play to this day. Each character within Red Dead Redemption 2 including Arthur Morgan, John Marston and Dutch Van der Linde were all memorable characters that players could become emotionally invested in. Also, if people could not warm up to one of the main protagonists they had other options which is one of the few things that made Red Dead Redemption II great. Not to mention Red Dead Redemption 2 had four different endings which added to its overall replay value in addition to the online multiplayer game mode. Its unlikely we are going to get a RDR3 anytime in the near future but some people are speculating that another entry in the series may not come out until ’25-’26. It did take about seven years for RockStar Games to release the sequel to the original Red Dead Redemption game from 2010 so it might take awhile for RDR3 to emerge for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X. One of the main questions regarding a potential RDR3 release is what the storyline is going to be about and what new features can we expect in one of RockStar’s most high anticipated video games?

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