Silent Hill f confirmed for future release!!!

The gaming world has been on fire as of late with seemingly endless breaking news as it relates to 2022. As of late everyone has been talking about the Silent Hill 2: Remake trailer which was revealed the other day on October 19th. While the Silent Hill 2: Remake is set to appear on the PlayStation 5 and PC sometime in future everyone is now talking about the brand new Silent Hill f teaser trailer which also surfaced on YouTube on October 19th. Silent Hill f will be the first major installment within its series since 2012 which has a ton of people excited. The latest entry with the Silent Hill series was the Downpour game which appeared on the PlayStation 3 a decade ago. While the Silent Hill series has been on a hiatus for the past ten years Konami has finally decided to give fans of the series something fresh with the ghoulish trailer for Silent Hill f. Based on what we know the setting of Silent Hill takes place in Japan during the 1960’s and the game itself will be developed by NeoBards Entertainment. We are still in the dark about the plot for Silent Hill f and have no idea when the game is going to be released. Many are anticipating Silent Hill f to be released sometime between 2023-2024 for the PlayStation 5 and possibly for PC as well. While the visuals for Silent Hill f looked beautiful the ending provided enough nightmare fuel to make you lose your appetite for days. Hopefully, we learn more details about Silent Hill f before the end of 2022.

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