Silent Hill 2 Remake announced for the PS5!!!

Everybody is talking about the recent reveal trailer involving the Silent Hill 2 game which originally appeared on the PlayStation 2 back 2001. When it comes down to classic horror games from the 00’s outside of the Resident Evil series Silent Hill 2 is one of the first titles that instantly comes to mind. Many people are excited to see that Konami is finally remaking and re-releasing Silent Hill 2 for the PS5 especially since its something that should of happened at least a decade ago for the PlayStation 4. While the original Silent Hill 2 game from ’01 was developed by Team Silent it was revealed in the trailer that the remake will produced by a polish studio known as Bloober Team. The story revolves around the main character James Sutterland who was haunted by the death of his wife Mary who died of an illness three years prior to the start of the Silent Hill 2. The story for the original versionSilent Hill 2 saw Sutterland’s manifestations working against him which ended up being one of the most intriguing aspects of the game. Most likely, the story for the Silent Hill 2 remake will remained unchanged but the presentation we saw in this reveal trailer looked hundred times better than the PS2 version of the game. The graphics, dialouge and atmosphere for the Silent Hill 2: Remake looked top notch and really captured the dark tone of the original game perfectly. As it currently stands Konami has not given up an official release date for the Silent Hill 2: Remake just yet. But there is a ton of speculation that the Silent Hill 2: Remake will be released sometime next year for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

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