Does owlboy deserve a sequel?

There is no question whatsoever that Owlboy was one of the most popular indie video games of the mid 10’s. Ever since, Owlboy was released back in ’16 the game had received a strongly positive reception from gamers and critics alike for its 2D pixel art style, gameplay and music score. Before Owlboy was released back in ’16 almost a decade worth of development went into the game after D-Pad Studios began working on it back in 2007. Despite, being a critically acclaimed platform-adventure title Owlboy was unable to achieve massive commercial success considering the fact that sold less than 250,000 copies worldwide following its release years ago. In fact, Owlboy has only managed to reach roughly around 100,000 copies in sales across multiple platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Steam and mobile devices. Even though, people have been wanting to see a direct sequel for Owlboy for the best couple of years D-Pad Studio has not made any announcements or confirmed anything about making a second installment. Also, its unlikely that D-Pad Studio has the funding to make another Owlboy game unless they launch a kickstarter campaign to make it happen. Since 2016, many gamers around the world have expressed their interest in seeing another Owlboy game so its likey that D-Pad Studio would gain a ton of support from the online gaming community for a second entry.

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