Is the overwatch series dead?

Everyone is currently talking about the disastrous launch of Overwatch 2 and many people are wondering whether or not the series itself is dead. The original Overwatch game that came out back in 2016 was consider one of the most popular first person shooter games of the 2010’s decade. There have been nonstop complains about Overwatch 2 in relation to lengthy waiting times on the game’s online lobby only to be kicked out in the middle of gameplay. There were also people who were fans of the original Overwatch game who complained about the character designs and the gameplay not being up to par with desired expectations. As it currently stands Overwatch is one of the most unpopular games of 2022 along with the likes of Babylon’s Fall which eventually had its online servers shut down due to negative fan backlash. In fact, it was recently reported that Blizzard Entertainment also shut down their servers for Overwatch 2 due to the massive backlash it received from players and critics alike. The failure of Overwatch 2 might possibly spell the death of the series itself mainly because so many people were dissatisfied with the overall gaming experience they had on the day of the game’s release. Also, Overwatch 2 being flooded with micro-transactions was another thing that made the game intolerable. It feels like Overwatch 2 died before it even got started and many believe that its not a good sign for Blizzard Entertainment as it relates to the future.

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