Demon’s Souls- Most popular PS5 exclusive video game?

When it comes down to popular PS5 exclusive video games one of the most successful titles to have appeared on that Sony’ s current game system is a remake of a video game from 2009. As many people know the original version of Demon’s Souls came out back in ’09 for the PlayStation 3 which was critically acclaimed while being considered one of the best action role-playing games for that particular game system. Since the release of the Demon Soul’s remake back in 2020 the video game managed to reach at least 1.4 million copies in worldwide sales and is considered to be the best selling video game PS5 right now. There are some people who criticize Demon’s Souls for the PlayStation 5 mainly because of how difficult it was. The difficulty level for Demon’s Souls is considered to be notorious at this point despite how great the visual presentation of the game is. The casual gamers are most likely to be turned off by Demon’s Souls if they are unwilling to dedicate themselves to becoming better players considering how steep the learning curve for the game is. While Demon’s Souls is probably the most successful PS5 exclusive game out right now that is something that could most likely change within the next few years. We have PS5 games such as God of War: Ragnarok and Final Fantasy XVI which are all set to be released within the upcoming year. The PlayStation 5 is still considered to be new since its only been around for approximately two years and there are many upcoming games that has the potential to surpass Demon’s Souls in the future.

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