Retro Gaming 10’s- Burnout Crash!: (2011)

When it comes down to racing titles that were overlooked during the early 10’s one of the few games that instantly comes to mind is Burnout Crash! from 2011. As many people know the Burnout series had been around since the early 00’s with almost every game being a 3D racing title. For whatever reason Electronic Arts and Criterion Games had decided to make the final installment within the Burnout series a 2D video games with 3D graphics. Despite, being completely different from its predecessors in terms of looks and gameplay Burnout Crash was still a pretty fun game for some people. Burnout Crash! looked more like a children’s game in comparison to Burnout Paradise & Takeover from the 2000’s which is something some people initially criticized following its release. Burnout Crash! was released for the PS3, Xbox360 and iOS and felt more like an arcade type of racing game that appealed to causals opposed to hardcore fans of the racing genre.

While Burnout Crash! was a pretty fun. game for most people one of the biggest negatives about it was the fact that it was a single-player only game. Also, the Crash mode included in previous installments from the 00’s ended becoming the main concept of Burnout Crash! which could be seen as either a good or bad thing. Burnout Crash! was a game that focused on players causing as much mayhem and destruction as they possibly could within a certain time limit. Players had to cause multiple explosions during each mission in order to earn as much money as possible. Players were able to fill up their crash breaker meter in order to perform specials that would allow them to explode their cars and cause damage to numerous vehicles around them. Despite, not being as successful as Burnout: Paradise from ’08 the Crash! game from ’11 is seen as underrated in the eyes of certain people especially since there were hardly any games like it back in the early 10’s. In fact, some might argue that Burnout Crash! was one of the most interesting vehicular combat games since the Twisted Metal series which became popular during the late 90’s. As it currently stands it seems like the Burnout series is dead and may never come back since Electronic Arts has not interest in reviving it.

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