Retro Gaming 10’s- Diablo III: (2012)

There are many people who have been huge fans of the Diablo series since its inception back in ’97 with the second and third installments becoming two of the most iconic PC titles of the past 25 years. Following the release of the critically acclaimed Diablo II title from 2000 Blizzard Entertainment had released Diablo III back in 2012. Diablo II was one of the biggest PC titles that Blizzard Entertainment had released back in the early 10’s following StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty which came out back in 2010. While Diablo III was not quite as popular as its predecessor from 2000 the game was still a massive commercial success and ended up becoming one of the most played video games of the early 10’s. Since its release Diablo III had managed to reach at 30 million in overall sales and was praised for its overall improvement in comparison to its prequel. Diablo III provided players with better graphics and a lengthy storyline that took place approximately two decades following the events of the original game. Diablo III also provided characters with at least seven different character classes to choose from including: Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Monk Wizard, Witch Doctor, , Necromancer and Crusader. Each class had their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses with millions of players having their own set preference on which one to choose. One of the more popular class choices for Diablo III included Necromancer and Wizard especially considering the fact the powers of each group involved the dark arts or had some type of supernatural element to it.

Unlike, StarCraft II the learning curve for Diablo III is not unreasonable and is something that casual gamers could easily adapt to overtime. The campaign for Diablo III was divided into five different acts with the fifth one being the longest most difficult one of them all depending. on who you ask. One of the cool things about Diablo III was the fact that players could get years of gameplay out of it especially considering the fact that the Paragon levels were seemingly endless. Blizzard Entertainment had also released at least five expansion packs for Diablo III over the course of the 2010’s decade including Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer. Diablo III is arguably one of the best PC games to have emerged from the 10’s decade with the online servers of the game still being up a decade later following its release. Diablo III is one of Blizzard Entertainment’s most profitable video games ever and many people feel that the company will be able to produce a sequel that surpasses it in relation to commercial success. Even though, some people prefer Diablo II more than its successor there is no question whatsoever that Diablo III is one of the greatest hack n slash RPG titles of all-time.

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