Retro Gaming 10’s- Starcraft: Wings of Liberty (2010)

The 2010’s was such an awesome time to be a fan of PC gaming especially for those who were huge fans of the MMORPG and real time strategy genres. One of the biggest video games to have emerged from the early part of the 10’s decade was StarCraft: Wings of Liberty which was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and released back in 2010. StarCraft: Wings of Liberty has managed to become one of Blizzard Entertainment’s most high profile video games to have emerged within the past twenty years along with Diablo III which came out back in 2012. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was the highly anticipated sequel to the original game which came out on PC and N64 back in ’98 and ended up exceeding the expectations of many people. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was an addictive strategy game that literally provided players with thousands of hours in relation of gameplay.

The learning curve for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was moderately challenging especially since it became more difficult as players progressed throughout the game. For those who are huge fans of PvE gameplay StarCraft II is an excellent game to play especially considering the fact that it included co-op gameplay. StarCraft II had featured three different campaign modes including ones from Heart of Swarm and Legacy of the Void expansion packs from ’13-’15. Between the Terran, Zerg and Protoss campaigns everyone has their own respective opinion on which story was the best. However, there are many who would go on record and argue that the Terran campaign from ’10 had the best campaign; possibly due to the fact that StarCraft II began to decline in popularity around the mid 10’s.

Despite, the fact StarCraft II has declined in popularity within the past decade there are still people who play Wings of Liberty along with the other two expansion packs today. Even though, StarCraft II is a critically acclaimed real time strategy video game there have been complaints over the years about a variety of issues common in game including performance issues. It should also be noted that the graphics for the three StarCraft II campaigns look obsolete compared to what we have today in the 2020’s. The steep learning curve presented in StarCraft II along with the challenging AI is also something that could easily run off casual gamers and force them to lose interest altogether. While StarCraft II has its fair share of negatives the game has stronger positives overall that would attract hardcore fans of the real time strategy genre.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty had roughly around 30 playable missions with a variety of characters to choose from and felt somewhat a game of chess when going to war. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty had at least 200 abilities, structures and units players could chose from with critical timing and instant decision being key factors in relation to survival. While some people still play StarCraft II today many people had believed that Blizzard Entertainment would have released a StarCraft 3 video game by now. Its been around twelve years since StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was released and now people are starting to think that StarCraft III will never happen. As it currently stands Blizzard is more focused on the Diablo series considering the fact that its a bigger attraction among casuals worldwide due to its darker tone in comparison to the StarCraft series. Despite, StarCraft II not being quite as popular as Diablo III the game itself is feel timeless and is arguably one of the greatest PC games of all-time.

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