Grand Theft Auto 6- will it surpass GTA V in sales?

There are many people who still in shock about the leaked online footage regarding Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 game. Based on what we know the teenage hacker who was responsible for the GTA 6 leak had been arrested in Oxfordshire and been tried in court for his alleged crime. However, there are many people who now wondering how the GTA 6 leak is going to affect Rockstar’s final product as it relates to the high anticipated action-adventure title. As it currently stands Grand Theft Auto 6 does not even have an official release date. Also, there are so many details about GTA 6 that have yet to be revealed. If Rockstar decides to do a reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 its going to be tough to pull it off in a way that impresses the masses considering that the element of surprise is now absent. In terms of whether or not GTA 6 will surpass its predecessor in sales its something that is subjective. Since its release back in ’13 Grand Theft Auto V has managed to reach over 155 million in sales across multiple gaming platforms including PS4, Xbox One and PC. Grand Theft Auto V is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all-time especially as it relates to the 2010’s decade. Trying to surpass GTA 5 in terms of commercial success seems like an impossible feat right now especially since Rockstar Games has become more “woke” in their approach in trying to connect with both casual gamers and hardcore fans of the series. If Rockstar can produce a compelling storyline and introduce new gameplay elements that would exceed everyone’s expectations in relation to what they can expect from GTA 6 the game could definitely become a commercial success.

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