World of Warcraft- most popular MMORPG ever?

There are many people who still play World of Warcraft today even thought the game has been around since the mid 00’s. After World of Warcraft was released back in ’04 Blizzard Entertainment has released eight different expansion packs for the game; with the latest expansion being released back in 2020. There are many people who would go on record and agree that the first set of expansion packs including Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Litch King and Cataclysm were among the best as it relates to W.O.W. Everyone has their own opinion on which World of WarCraft expansion packs are more popular the bottom line this title is still somewhat of an attraction to hardcore PC gamers today. Its shocking that Blizzard Entertainment never released a direct sequel to this game back in the early 10’s considering how popular the MMORPG genre was during that time period. Since its inception there has been at least 120 million people who have played World of Warcraft. Also, the expansion packs created Blizzard over the years have kept the subscriber count for World of Warcraft within the millions during the 2010’s decade. While some might argue that games such as Diablo II were more popular during the 2000’s decade the game itself never had as many expansions as World of Warcraft did. Also, Diablo II was more of an RPG than it was a MMORPG in comparison to World of WarCraft. In terms of overall popularity and name value games like EVE Online, Star Wars: the Old Republic and Guild Wars can not compete with World of Warcraft in relation to the MMORPG genre.

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