Will Wrestle Quest be released in 2023?

There has been countless blockbuster announcements as it related to gaming news this year with so many upcoming releases that the world is looking forward to seeing in the future. Back in March 2022 we saw the reveal trailer for a very unique looking pro wrestling game entitled Wrestle Quest which will be developed by Mega Cat Studios and published by Skybound Games. Wrestle Quest is expected to appear on multiple game systems including PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. WrestleQuest is an action-adventure RPG game which blends elements with pro wrestling with fantasy with characters inspired by legendary names from the 80’s. WrestleQuest captures the glitz and glam of pro wrestling/sports entertainment as it related to the 80’s while featuring the modern day pixelated art design that started to increase in popularity during the 10’s decade. In terms of gameplay certain elements come into focus including combat, gimmicks along with a pin system which adds layers of complexity to a seemingly simple game. WrestleQuest also includes mechanics such as hype meters along with HP meters for each character so players can keep track of their health. In terms of presentation WrestleQuest looks dramatically different from anything 2K Sports has released within the past decade with the WWE 2K series. While the WWE 2K series is something that has been growing stale since the early 10’s Wrestle Quest feels more geared towards those who have been long time pro wrestling fans since the “Golden Era” which is strong positive. WrestleQuest currently has no official release date but there are many who believe that Skybound Studios will debut the pro wrestling RPG title sometime in 2023.

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