Should Konami reboot the Suikoden series?

There has been a ton of unexpected news within the gaming world that has been making headlines around the world on the internet this year. While there have been plenty of news regarding upcoming releases in ’23 we have recently just learned that Konami has renewed the trademark for the Suikoden RPG series. For those who do know know the Suikoden series began back in ’95 on the original PlayStation console. While there was a series of spin-off titles within the Suikoden franchise that were released between ’00-’12; the final main entry within the series was released back in ’06 for the PlayStation 2. In relation to the RPG genre of gaming the Suikoden series was not nearly as popular Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise but the first three games within the main series are considered to be highly underrated. Even though, the Suikoden series has been pretty much dead for almost two decades Konami could reintroduce the franchise to the causal audience of gamers by remaking classics from the 90’s and 00’s. In fact, Konami can even reboot the Suikoden series know that they have renewed its trademark. While many people believe that Suikoden VI could become a possibility in the future; there are many people in western countries like America who are not even familiar with Suikoden V considering how poorly it did in sales during the mid 2000’s. Nowadays, RPG’s are more popular than ever and Suikoden would most likely appeal to casuals now more than it did 15-20 years ago. If Konami ever decides to release a Suikoden VI they would be better off remaking the classics in order to introduce more Americans to the series.

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