Why Darksiders IV needs to happen

There are so many games that people are looking forward to seeing this upcoming year including Street Fighter 6, Minecraft Legends and Final Fantasy XVI. While there are some titles like Diablo IV which does not have an official release date just yet; there are games like Darksiders IV that have not been announced which people are expecting to hear about in the future. There many people who know that THQ Nordic are the geniuses behind the Darksiders which is around since 2010 which already has three main installments. The latest installment within the Darksiders series came out back in ’18 and while the reception to Darksiders III was mainly positive; the game itself considered to be a commercial failure. The Darksiders has its niche audience of gamers who enjoy the storyline of the series involving the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Each Horseman was considered to be the main character of the last three major entries within their respective games including, War, Death and Fury. Also, Darksiders Genesis heavily revolved around Strife as the central figure but the game was considered to be more of a spin-off opposed to a main entry. THQ Nordic was not made any official announcements about a potential Darksiders IV but seeing that its one of the company’s most high profile franchises ever. While Darksiders III was more of an action role playing type of game many people enjoyed the older games more when emphasis was placed on hack n slash gameplay. If there is ever a Darksiders IV hopeful THQ Nordic can get Gunfire Games or Vigil Games to move back closer to hack n slash, action-adventure based gameplay.

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